azlariel asked:

There's a knock at her bedroom door that evening rather than entering outright.

mylittlepandora answered:

Pandora finished to fold her clean clothes and decided to use her free time to check a new location system she added to Sarah. Since a couple of weeks ago she had been moving alone out and far from the lake. This concerned her a little because her aspect and size was far to be normal and be see could cause a reaction between humans and hunters. She head the knock at her door, knowing also that was az the one visiting her. Pandora let the system open and step away from the screen. Opening the door of  room for his bro. “Hey! All ok?” She asks surprised. Was rare see Az so late at night.




Her reaction prompts what passes for laughter, nodding again before walking partway into the water, turning his head in order to see her better. “And now?”

The temperature felt fine to him.

Ok… He was not freezing yet but that didn’t means she will have the same facility to crawls inside the water like nothing. With a huge smile she stepped close the edge, withotu think twice she jumped up and forward inside the water, releasing a short scream of expectation for the cold. And indeed it was cold!. 

Her body sank in a second, taking a ball position under the surface and letting escape a couple ofbubbles of air. After that she began to move her legs and arm, reaching the surface to take air and look at Az from her distance. “Is so cold!!!!!!!!!!!!” she shouted at him, laughing and no waiting for answer she sank again.

"Is it?" Calling back, he realizes the answer went unheard, hurrying to join Pandora.

Down here it’s easier to move around, by her side quickly before baring his teeth in an attempted smile, looking away and doing his best to find which direction they should go first before finally pointing to let her know, swimming away already.

She left her body fall into the deep darkness of the lake, using hersystem to look at her side, the base and heavy estructure of the cupule. so stronger and clear, the crystals reflecting the poor light the surface left pass the the bottom. Her Aligators passed close but moved forward and more deep until they were not visible anymore. She smiled at the vision, until she turned to see Az, who was close her now. she stopped and her hair formed a dark red fog front her face. she waved a hand and pushed it behind to see better. tilting her head for a moment.



Light to Dark.

Autumn is fast approaching which means its time for a transformation!
For as long as I can remember, I have changed with the seasons.
Not necessarily just my wardrobe but my emotions are a bit different as well. I am particularly excited about this Fall season because I feel that I have grown tremendously since last year.

This photo set begins with my last few outfits of the summer, then leads you into just a little taste of what my followers can expect to see this Fall/Winter season. I want to use deep hair, lip & nail colors to accent a dark and mysterious wardrobe. Focusing on cosmetics & shoes, my goal is to address the issues gender variant individuals might face this season when buying clothes and cosmetics tailored for a binary gendered society.
A few topics include facial hair & how I maintain it for make up application, as well as how AFAB can grow facial hair without taking hormones! A shoe guide that connects you with affordable brands that offer trendy shoe styles in sizes 11 & higher! Last but not least, I will begin making the lip colors & nail colors I wear in my fashion post available to you via my Thrift Store! A few other things will take place this fall, but you’ll have to stay tuned to find out!
Along with elevating my style, I also am striving to elevate the presence of House of Alexzander. I’m excited and anticipating a great Season ahead!

Much love,
-Elliott Alexzander