dont-call-me-a-faerie asked:

♤ ♔ ♗ ♞(since he doesn't get sick, so him hungover lol)

♤: Taking a bath together 

Thanks Newton his Bathtub was big! So she can run and move to every corner in order to avoid his water jokes and inability to stay still for more than 5  minutes. It seems that her ass was the  rubber duck today and he simply decided to squeeze it and say *who wants to swim!* making a pouty face at her. but in the last minute that she was ready to escape he hugged her from behind asking for her to stay more. it won his puppy face and his apology.

♔ : Finding your muse wearing their clothes

“Is that my dress???” she asked him close to collapse. She returned to the tree house  to bring him something to eat just to find this morbid scenery.  He , more tall and more plane than her, wearing her best delicate dress like if it were some kind of cannelloni  filled with  ricotta. she just need to add the parmigiano…..Puck was trying some sexy pose front the mirror and froze the first second she appeared there. Totally unexpected for him, giggling nervously to see if she was going to laugh or not. But what he did not expected was her walking towards the table to leave the food and take a look of him like analyzing the situation. “You look fat in white” She muttered and keep saving the food. Puck never tried another of her white dresses….but we can’t say the same about her green dresses, blue dresses and black dresses etc etc etc.

♗: Your muse falling asleep with their head in my muse’s lap. 

She could not help smile and stare at him for the rest of his nap. Her hand brushed his hair, playing with the strands and letting her fingers pass by them. Soon the caress moved to his neck and then to his cheeks, her thumb followed the line of his jaw until the end.  After some minutes she began to miss his green bright eyes and wished for him to wake up. The fembot sighed, and waited.

♞: Caring for each other while ill (specify which party is which) 

Move Move Move! It was already 4 PM and he was still hugging the pillows like a castaway hug a piece of wood in the middle of the ocean. She shaked him and caressed him and even throw him water but there was no way to wake him up. The smell of alcohol and the marks under his eyes just made more obvious that he was under one of those states. Puck grumbled and with a hand, without move the rest of her body, tried to find the blankets to cover his face from the thin lies of lights that came from between the leaves through his window.  Defeated,  she went to prepare coffee, buy aspirines and something for eat. When she returned he was in the same position, growling for the terrible headache and with his head hided under the pillow. The fembot prepared a tray with the coffee and a sandwich, more 2 aspirines. and went to the side of the bed to try again. Her hand slipped under the pillow and he noticing it, took it without doubt. She caressed him a little more before move the pillow and smile at him. “Here…. drink this…” she muttered softly. Spending the rest of the day taking care of him until he felt better.


mylittlepandora asked:

She didn't hear him coming, but soon froze at the sound of his voice. The android gazed back at him with a nervous expression, mostly surprised because she was more expecting to leave without face him. Such coward resulted to be. "goodbye?" She tried with a half smile. Not the word she wanted to say but the only one she though appropiate. Her shoulders loose tension and a hand rubbed her forehead with frustration."sorry, I was not trying to." she shut up.

dont-call-me-a-faerie answered:

Twisting his mouth wryly, he snorts low and pushes the door open fully to lean a shoulder against the door frame. “To leave so soon? I feel like you’ve barely just arrived.” His features soften at the way she rubs at her head, noticing the agitation she seemed to be carrying with her, and immediately he feels bad about teasing. Worry creasing his brows, he reaches to pull the hand away from her forehead and lay a kiss against the inside of her palm. “You’ve no reason to apologize love. You’ve come all this way, won’t you come in for a bit?”



No reason to hide her big smile and the once again, and never absent blush that this time ends in the tip of her ears, making her heart beat fast, also making present in her head the rainy night, when he took her and she fell for him. It was just the first date and she already felt like have him for her. yes she was selfish and yes she likes to steal. and he would be more than a perfect jewel for her. she won’t mind throw the rest if he was the big prize. “What are you saying!!”She exclaimed , not offended at all. “Im sure those stones are more safe in my room andddddddd” she added poking his nose again. ” you own me more than a shirt, if bad dont remember you took my……my panties… she added in a whisper. and my shorts and blouse etc etc.” her tone was playful and energetic, chucking softly. “and I don’t have feminine magic tricks  , I have specialo abilities that maybe some day you will see.”

Of course he probably was not too worry about steal but his comment catched ehr by surprise. pandora pouted but this time for real. she knew she was gettign herself in troubles and Bruce was not the only hero, but she never saw metro man and her robbery was always to small and insignificant places that nobody cares.

"well…." She gazed away, towards the tea she still didnt touch." Not frecuent. just when Im stressed. maybe even when I dont have anything else to do that ends be always" She sighed deeply leaning towards the table and picking her cup before sip fast from it. "you want me to stop, dont you?" she asks him not really worried. "If I do that I afraid I will have to find new hobbies. Im open to suggestions…." she muttered , looking at him very meaning what she say.

Playfully biting his teeth at the finger that pokes at his nose, he scoffs before sipping at his glass, then places it back on the table, grinning slyly down at her. “They are safe there as long as a better thief does not find interest in them. But as I said, such things are yours for as long as you can keep hold of them. As for your clothing? Think of them as tokens used in a trade, as you made off with one of my favorite blankets. Or perhaps, next time when what you are wearing becomes unwearable, I may let you borrow them for a bit.”

Pressing his lips in a thin line, he reaches up to trace the edge of her jaw, his gaze following the path of his fingers to avoid making eye contact. He doesn’t like coming in to someone’s life and dictating what they should or should not do, as he would certainly rebel against someone doing that to himself, and he truly did not care if she was holding up every bank in the city. It was simply her safety that he was concerned for, and as she has apparently done this for a while and is in one piece, Puck feels that she is capable enough to continue if she wishes.

With a sigh he finally meets her gaze, his mouth softening into a lopsided smile. “Continue your extracurricular activities as you see fit love, with the promise that if ever you are severely injured or come close to extreme danger, you will cease and desist with no argument.” The fae grumbles internally at even the possibility of such, but to him it felt like an acceptable compromise, and he would live with it if she could agree.

His smile grew more sincere at her suggestion though, the edges of his ears coloring to match her own cheeks. “But, if it’s a simple distraction and a place to divert your excessive energy that you require…” Leaning towards her he brushes his nose against the side of her neck to move aside her silken hair, flattening his tongue against her throat before placing an open mouth kiss, sucking on the flesh there with a pleased hum, then nipping at it with his teeth as he pulls slightly away. “… then I believe I can assist you there with plenty of creative suggestions.”

The fembot puffed her cheeks for a moment, hearing him ask about leave her actions if she get injured. Not that she can’t handle it. The last time she ended in prison but better not mention this to Puck. Maybe in future as a joke but not now that the conversation started to be serious and he showed be extremely worried for her.  She could not help tense lightly her muscles at the contact of his skin on hers. Shivering she avoided leans back like if his finger could burn her. Smiling, she looked for his gaze but he was apparently suffering the same reaction.

“I promise you be careful and stay away from any hero or bat even if they are weaker than me” She grinned innocently at him, smiling honestly and feeling glad that he really was this worried for her. nobody never tried to tell her what to do or at least not suggesting things to keep her safe.  She knew there are many things she was able to do and the self care was her fort. Like never play near the Metro tower or kill police agents. She acted like a ghost almost all the time unless someone tried to face her. Like did the heroBat.

The android lifted a hand and a little distracted in her thoughts, brushed her bangs to one side and gazed down shyly, hearing Puck talk so confident. Was his action what then completely shocked her  and without gave her much time to think in what to do he touched her neck…and for what? her eyes widened like dished and her hands pressed against his chest, fighting with the desire to push him away. but she doesn’t want him in China or make him crash against another tree, So she resisted, and resisted hard, biting her  tongue inside her mouth and pressing her lips in a thin line. Her shoulders instinctively went up  in an attempt to hide the sensible skin of her neck.  He maybe forgot that little detail. No necks! like for him would be no ears. She mentally struggle, glad that he stopped and she didn’t release any unfortunately moan.  But her face was already red and her body was trembling. His words didn’t help her at all. No. She acted silly the last night! what if he thinks she is an easy one? That would be heartbreaking for her. Give him that image.. So she tried to calm down, leaning back to chuckle a little nervous.

“haha…ah….yes…well….suggestions sounds fine…maybe…video games or….macrame?” she suggested waving a hand to her own face, not meeting his gaze yet.

azlariel asked:

♖ ♗ ♘♙ ♡

♖: Having their hair washed by your muse

She simply waited there, with legs crossed and checking her fashion  magazine, meanwhile Az amused with her hair attempt to wash it. The fembot thought in this like a day in a spa.

♝: Reading a book together

No…there was no way for Az to get who was the little mermaid and why she had legs in the middle of the story. The android sighed and tried again but soon his stomach decided that it was time to eat. She didn’t try again

♘: Cuddling in a blanket fort

Spend time and have contact with Az was simply for her. She was so happy in build a fort with blankets and pillows, something that for sure could had been a hobby for her. Az was nice enough to stay with her after notice she was not able to sleep so she tried to  at least have fun. They spend the night sleeping together, the sharkdog and noah didn’t lose time in join them.

♙: Sharing a bed

Her bed was big enough for both so she never complained about have Az sleeping there, each time she needed company, specially in those sad days for her.

♡: Accidentally falling asleep together 

It seems the movie was terrible enough, this time to make both get bored after see the first 30 minutes. Pandora began to yawn after the first 15 minutes and at the end they woke up the next day with a terrible neck pain and he really dry..